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Todos Santos



Backed by the majestic Sierra de la Laguna mountain range, Todos Santos is a gorgeous coastal town in the Baja California Sur state of Mexico. This town is close to the Tropic of Cancer in the La Paz municipality. With a mix of locals, tourists, spiritualists and surfers, it is one of the most appealing destinations in the country for both tourists and retirees. A lot of people choose this destination to spend their life after retirement because of its relaxed lifestyle, reasonable cost of living, affordable homes, and an array of ecological tourist activities. They can buy a property in this town overlooking the ocean or beachfront at lower prices than some popular places like Cabos San Lucas. Home to several art galleries and vibrant festivals, retirees here are amazed by the variety of cultural activities. It is an ideal place for water sport lovers as it provides them with opportunities to surf, dive, hike, kayak, practice yoga and martial arts. Todos Santos is a fascinating town for many expats where they can enjoy an active social life.


The coastal town of Todos Santos is just a mile away from the Pacific Ocean and nearly 46 miles away from Cabo San Lucas. The beautiful city of La Paz is around 50 miles away reachable via car or taxi. There are several fabulous beaches near this town such as Los Cerritos, San Pedrito, Los Esteros, Batequitos Punta Lobos and La Poza. Pescadores and Los Cerritos are well known day trip destinations for Todos Santos travelers and residents.

Historical Background

Traces of human inhabitation were found in the Todos Santos region even 3000 years ago. Jesuit missionaries colonized this region in 1723 as a mission to convert the locals to the Catholic lifestyle. At that time, this place was known as Santa Rosa de Todos Santos and eventually it was shortened to Todos Santos, which is the current name. With eight sugar mills in full swing, this region was a major sugarcane producer in the late 1800’s. Today it has evolved as a very beautiful art community with several art galleries, historic homes, amazing restaurants, charming streets, and quaint shopping centers. The luxury resorts and elegant hotels in this destination offer comfortable accommodation to travelers.


Todos Santos is an ideal place to enjoy the unique Baja culture. Todos Santos Art festival is very famous which shows the rich culture of the region. Travelers to this majestic tourist spot prefer to take a walk along the main streets of the town to enjoy its architectural charm and experience the rich Mexican culture. With a great artistic history, this beautiful coastal town has famous for its art galleries and festivals. The place is also offers different recreational activities where both locals and expats love to pursuit.

Retirees Love

Retirees Dislike


average annual weather


Warm and Sunny

Todos Santos has a desert climate. The place receives negligible rainfall throughout the year. However, the temperature remains very pleasant. June is the driest month of the year and receives no rainfall at all, while September receives the most amount of rainfall, 38mm on average. The annual average downpour is 151mm.
August is the hottest month of the year with average highest temperature reaching 82.76°F. The average lowest temperature is 65.66°F in the month of February, which is also the coldest month of the year.




Todos Santos is a small desert oasis that has a lot to offer. From beautiful vineyards to many restaurants serving delicious seafood, people have easy access to all the good things this place has to offer. The relative proximity of the beach allows one to walk down by the side of the beach and witness masterpieces of various local artisans.





The average cost of living for a couple in Todos Santos is around $1500 to $2000 USD depending on the lifestyle.

real estate affordability


Although the prices of real estate have doubled and tripled in the past few years, Todos Santos still offers beautiful properties at much lower prices than in any other part of the Baja California Sur. Here an oceanfront house with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms costs $5,988,000 USD while a home site or home lot on the beach is around $299,000. A one bedroom, fully furnished detached villa house is available for a rent of $995/month.

economy strength


Tourism plays an important role in contributing to the city’s economy. Apart from this, local artisans, furniture manufactures and the culinary industry has also started to play their role in the economy.



5,148 (2010 census)

expat population




literacy rate

High (97.2%)

Health & Safety

healthcare quality


In addition to beautiful, unspoiled beaches, Todos Santos offers high quality, professional healthcare facilities at affordable prices. The healthcare center of Todos Santos has amenities to handle all kinds of medical emergencies, and even provides an ambulance service in case the patient has to be transported to the nearest town. Apart from regular health professionals, there are also doctors and dentists running their private clinics and offering their services to the residents. For any special medical services, La Paz and Cabo San Lucas are the towns to head to.

number of top hospitals




Todos Santos is a small town near the beach, and free from crime. The population consists of hospitable and well-cultured residents and expats that have learned to live in harmony with each other. People respect and accept each other’s culture and beliefs, and this leads to a peaceful living environment for everyone, making the town safe to reside.


public transportation


Owing to the small area of Todos Santos, getting around the place is convenient. Just a small bike ride and one can reach the extreme corners of the town. Apart from bikes the town has public buses that also prove to be useful to around the town or even out of town if required. Buses can be easily caught on the main road running quite frequently every 20 minutes.



Todos Santos offers all the modern communication facilities one may find in a fully developed town. Satellite television gives access to hundreds of channels in languages from all over the world, keeping expats and retirees entertained. Fixed phone lines come with high speed internet connection, allowing people to work from the comfort of their homes, or even run businesses online. All major cell phone services providers are already established here making the cell phone network quite strong.

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